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Plant and equipment construction

Personal sevice & custom construction is our strength

The development of practical, future-oriented and safe and reliable systems is a daily challenge and often every detail counts. That is why we attach great importance to personal consulting and project planning as a taken-for-granted service for our customers. Benefit from our expertise and network and realise multifaceted projects in the field of plant and equipment construction in cooperation with us. MP is your partner when it comes to custom manufactured AC power sources, voltage stabilisers, load banks and related products.

Below you will find a small extract from our program:


Three-phase voltage stabiliser

  • Input: 3x 415V +/-15% +N +PE
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Max. input current: 2452A
  • Output: 3x 415V +/-0.5% +N +PE
  • Rated current: 2084AA
  • Nominal power: 1500kVA
  • Installation height: 2800mm above sea level

Application: stabilisation of the supply voltage of a wine bottling plant incl. refrigeration technology in South Africa.

Dreiphasige Lastbank

Three-phase inductive load bank

  • Inductance: 3x 2-8mH / 5-20mH / 12.5-50mH
  • Rated current: 100A – 30A
  • Nominal frequency: 50-400Hz
  • Nominal voltage: 3x 520V (300V/phase)
  • The inductors can be adjusted individually or together via push buttons.

Application: to simulate a load in a test field.


Three-phase alternating voltage source

  • regulated, for symmetric load, without galvanic isolation
  • Input: 3x 400V +N +PE
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Output 1: 3x 0-400V 20.0A (alternative use with output 2 and 3)
  • Output 2: 3x 0-400V 80.0A (alternative use with output 1 and 3)
  • Output 3: 3x 0-400V 150.0A (alternative use with output 1 and 2)
  • Actuating time: 25ms/V
  • Control tolerance: calibrated 0.3%, otherwise 1% of full scale value
  • Output 4: 0-230VDC 32.0A (alternative use with output 5)
  • Actuating time: 25ms/V
  • Control tolerance: calibrated 1%, otherwise 3% of full scale value
  • Residual ripple: < 5%
  • Output 5: 0-230VAC 16.0A (alternative use with output 4)
  • Actuating time: 25ms/V
  • Control tolerance: calibrated 0.3%, otherwise 1% of full scale value

Application: provision of suitable voltage/current for motor testing


Three-phase alternating voltage source with frequency converter

  • regulated, for asymmetric load, without galvanic isolation
  • constructed with EMC filter, frequency converter, mains converter, three single-phase variable toroidal transformers
  • Input: 3x 400V +N +PE
  • Output: 3x 0-450V 50A +N +PE
  • Frequency: infinitely variable from 50Hz to 60Hz

Application: for testing industrial machines.

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