The cheapest electricity is that which you do not use!

Energy as a scarce factor

Energy has become the most important raw material in the world today. Due to the continuing increase in demand and the growing scarcity of fossil fuels, the cost of energy rises year after year. Furthermore, the immense increase in the use of fossil fuels has also created other problems, such as the sharp rise in CO2 emissions. This makes responsible usage all the more necessary. In addition to the use of alternative energies, increasing efficiency and thus reducing the losses from existing installations is an important criterion.

You too can play your part in ensuring that our descendants still have a life worth living!


Our solution

Our contribution is the use of an energy saving system. Due to the infinitely variablevoltage reduction we achieve savings of up to 15%. Due to the design in transformer technology, the sinusoidal shape of the input voltage is not changed and this results in a high control speed with a maximum of pulse strength. This means that even switching on difficult loads is no problem. Simultaneously, the mains power quality is significantly improved through the self-inductance of the longitudinal transformers. All three phases are individually balanced against the neutral conductor by three of our MPRP2010 digital control electronics. Furthermore, a mains powerBlindleistung analyser provides information on current, voltage, reactive, apparent and active power. The built-in safety measures reliably protect the MP-DESA against overload and short circuits. Every energy saving system from our company is immediately ready for use after connection.


Your benefits

  • lower energy costs,
  • short amortisation period (approx. 2-4 years),
  • longer service life of the electrical equipment,
  • no influence on current operation,,
  • a measurable contribution to improving your ecological footprint.


Anlagen zur Stromversorgung

Type overview

wdt_ID Type Rated current Reduction Power Power loss Copper weight Weight Dimensions (WxDxH)
1 400-10 400 A 10% 276 kVA 1.600 W 109 kg 900 kg 2400x600x1950 mm
2 500-10 500 A 10% 345 kVA 2.100 W 133 kg 1.000 kg 2400x600x1950 mm
3 630-10 630 A 10% 435 kVA 2.600 W 165 kg 1.100 kg 2400x600x1950 mm
4 800-10 800 A 10% 552 kVA 3.300 W 186 kg 1.200 kg 2400x600x1950 mm
5 1000-10 1000 A 10% 690 kVA 4.000 W 208 kg 1.300 kg 2400x600x1950 mm
6 1250-10 1250 A 10% 863 kVA 5.000 W 301 kg 1.700 kg 2400x800x2150 mm
7 1600-10 1600 A 10% 1.104 kVA 6.000 W 314 kg 1.900 kg 2400x800x2150 mm
8 2000-10 2000 A 10% 1.380 kVA 7.600 W 399 kg 2.300 kg 2400x800x2150 mm
9 2500-10 2500 A 10% 1.725 kVA 9.200 W 512 kg 3.100 kg 3200x800x2350 mm
10 3200-10 3200 A 10% 2.208 kVA 11.200 W 693 kg 3.700 kg 4000x800x1950 mm
11 4000-10 4000 A 10% 2.760 kVA 13.200 W 776 kg 4.500 kg 4800x800x1950 mm