Ortea_Logo Partner


Hand in hand for stability in the power grid

Together with the Italian manufacturer of voltage stabilisers we would like to contribute to the stability of the power grid. In the course of a strategic partnership, our employees learn and work together every day to develop solutions for critical projects. Ortea and MP have already been able to successfully realise various projects in which conventional manufacturers had to throw in the towel.

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BAUM e.V. Partner


We are jointly committed to environmental protection and the energy revolution

The B.A.U.M. e.V. is an umbrella association that brings together entrepreneurs who are proactively involved in environmental protection and renewable energies. As a member of the association we are in lively exchange with like-minded people and draw considerable information useful for our everyday production from the discussions and events. We as MP GmbH would like to make our contribution to the energy turnaround!

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EffiEnergy_Logo Partner


A strong partner in Europe

As a strategic partner with its headquarters in Strasbourg, EffiEnergy is an important component of our sales strategy. Together we have already been able to realise many projects and win customers through our transparency and quality.

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SSS_Logo Partner



Many of our systems and devices run in continuous operation and therefore require regular maintenance. The SSS Systemschaltanlagen company, based in Essen, Germany, works in cooperation with us so that we are able to check, maintain and, if necessary, repair systems worldwide at any time.

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ZVEI Partner


One of the most important industry associations in Germany

The Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V. represents the economic, technological and environmental policy interests of the German electrical industry which is characterised by medium-sized companies. MP is one of the approx. 1600 members who regularly exchange information on the latest topics at conferences and other events.

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